Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Government Provided Heath Care"... O REALLY?

In order to begin considering the possibility of Government provided Health Care; it first must be defined who an American citizen is. Depending on what numbers you look at there are 12 million undocumented and illegal workers residing in our country today. The methodology which brings us to this popular estimate is questioned by some who estimate the figure closer to 20 million.

If the American taxpayers and businesses are going to be expected to pay for this; and believe me we will...where to people think the money is going to come from. The Government can’t even find the money to keep the cash for clunkers program going for more than 6 months. The United States Postal Service is broke and has been for a long time. Our health care system is superior and the best in the world due to major medical advancements that our research has made possible. In order for new strides and advancements to be made there must be money to continue the research that has made us number one in the world in medical care thus far.

Although I acknowledge the fact that some reforms are needed to help the American's that are not able to obtain health care coverage. I do not think that the solution is government health care option. It will diminish the quality of the care that we enjoy as Americans and that the rest of the world envies. Have you ever known anyone that is on state provided health care? This was a reality for me when I was I first out of High School. Believe me it did not take long for me to realize the disparity or quality of care I received compared to my prior private health care plan. I believe that the quality of our care if there is a social health care option will decline considerably.

Bottom line is there are just to many unanswered questions about this bill. Like the biggest ones… where is this money going to come from and is it going to cover people who aren’t even legal u|U.S. American citizens? The proponents of socialized health care believe that our Government should control health care for all Americans. They believe that not only should they be allowed to take over or have a hand in (however you want to look at it) our auto mobile industry, our banks but now our health care system? This whole thing sounds like the Mc’Donalds margeting theme when they first started business… “cradle to grave.” What a scary thought.

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