Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good Neighborhoods in Kansas City

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Good neighborhoods in Kansas City are everywhere, but they can be hard to find if you're not from Kansas City.

Obviously, there are several good neighborhoods in Johnson County, which is actually in the state of Kansas but is considered a part of the greater Kansas City area. Neighborhoods in Johnson County that are good include:


Leawood, Kansas is an upper middle class neighborhood in Kansas City that attracts upper class people who want to pay middle class housing prices. If you are considered upper class in Kansas City, you are probably considered middle class in larger cities like New York and Scottsdale. Therefore, the neighborhood of Leawood looks very similar to upper class neighborhoods in larger cities, but housing is much more affordable. Good neighborhoods in Leawood include Hallbrook, which has it's own golf course, bank and security gate.

Loch Lloyd

Another good neighborhood in Kansas City is called Loch Lloyd, or "The Village at Loch Lloyd". It is a private, membership only neighborhood that is located at the southern-most tip of what is considered to be Greater Kansas City. Loch Lloyd has a country club, a golf course, and it's own zip code!

Prairie Village

Prairie Village, or "perfect village" as it is affectionately called by it's residents, is THE perfect Kansas City neighborhood to raise kids. Littered with the area's best school districts, young parents and children alike thrive in the neighborhood of Prairie Village. The houses are not extravagant or fabulous but they will cost you plenty. A small little 3 bedroom house will double in value if you pick it up and place it in Prairie Village. Security is great in PV as well, patrol cars will stop anyone who isn't white and driving a mini van or SUV full of soccer kids. One thing to remember about the neighborhood of Prairie Village is this: Don't try to drive through PV after school gets out!

More good Kansas City neighborhoods to come...

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Kansas City Happy Hour said...

Spot on chap, these are the best neighborhoods in Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

Is there a map of KC that shows where these neighborhoods are? I am not from here and don't know where these neighborhodds are located. Also, which neighborhoods should be avoided?

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