Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kansas Smoking Ban Bans Smoking In All Enclosed Public Places

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Effective July 1st, Kansas will join many other states in banning smoking in almost all enclosed public places. Prohibiting smoking in enclosed public places is part of a growing trend nationwide that makes the habit more of a hassle for smokers.

Many smokers are being forced to pay higher premiums in health insurance and other acts that are being protested as discriminative. As more anti-smoking laws get passed, the debate between legislature that promotes public health and boundaries of citizen rights presses on.

Republican Representative Ray Merrick has suggested that smoking restrictions remain a local option, which gives businesses a choice on following the ban. Giving local businesses an option may be a way to find a middle ground between personal freedoms and public health, however it may not be an option given the recent momentum in the anti-smoking campaigns.


Anonymous said...

Owners can post a sign in their doors:

'This is a smoking venue.'

'This isa non-smoking venue.'

This solution gives owners and customers choices.
Isn't this what America is all about??

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Anonymous said...

In USA there is no Freedom of Choice

Anonymous said...

Oh say can the NANNY see by the dawns early light................

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