Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gardner Edgerton forced to give up "Longhorn" Logo

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After adopting a "Longhorn" logo similar to that used by the University of Texas, Gardner Edgerton High School will switch to a different logo after facing heat from the University. Texas cited that Edgerton's logo was too similar to its own, and asked the high school to adopt a new logo on the center on its gym floor.

While Gardner goes back to the drawing board in search of a new logo, Texas' position on this subject needs to be examined. While copying a college logo may violate copyright infringes, it is done by thousands of high schools across the country. I've seen high school teams on TV or in person who share not only a similar mascot and logo with a well-known college team, but the same color schemes as well.

Gardner Edgerton used a different color scheme than Texas, and at least have the decency to ask for the University's permission to use the famous Longhorn look. Maybe Texas should let a small high school in Kansas have its fun, and worry about more pressing issues facing the University. Soon, saying "Hook Em Horns" may be enough to solicit a fine. 



Anonymous said...

Great article Mr. Clark and thank you for supporting the Blazers on this issue.

Anonymous said...

I sure wish there was more we could do to stop this.

Jake Thomas III said...

That is unfair. I know that little league baseball, the 3-2 teams, are mostly named after major league teams; uniforms, mascots and all. I think someone at the University of Texas just had a bad Monday or something and decided to take it out on these guys.

Anonymous said...

Look at the logo for Blue Springs High School - it's exactly the same as the K State logo!

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