Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cassel wants more big plays from Chiefs

Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel has gone on record that the chiefs need to throw the ball down the field more, and I couldn't agree more. The Chief's lack of a big play threat has been a big fat albatross hanging on the neck of an offense that has shown promise but has yet to break through and find consistency.

Cassel indicted that part of the Chief's problem was that the team hasn't shown much of its playbook this preseason, although last year's offense hardly struck fear in opposing defenses when it had the ball and was using its full array of plays. Getting the ball to running backs Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles is the primary focus of the offense, and rightfully so, but the Chiefs must be able to stretch the field to give its backs running room and keep safeties away from the line of scrimmage.

While no one is expecting the Chiefs to put up its Dick Vermeil era numbers, the team will need more points per game while its defense continues to experience growing pains. The problem the Chiefs face is it lacks a Randy Moss type receiver that can stretch the field. Dwayne Bowe has looked promising in spurts, and Chris Chambers can do this. Hopefully Charlie Weiss can use his creativity to keep defenses off guard with a few big plays so Kansas City's real strength, its rushing attack, can be effective.

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