Friday, September 10, 2010

DUI Checkpoints in Kansas City Sept 10th, 11th

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DUI Checkpoints in Kansas City September 10th, 11th

Well, it's the weekend again and it's time to look out for the DUI checkpoints in Kansas City, Overland Park, Lee's Summit, Liberty, Prairie Village and all of our lovely Kansas City neighborhoods where people will be getting wasted and driving around.

There are a few events going on this weekend that may trigger some DUI checkpoints that may not have been there on a normal Sept 10th or 11th.   The Prairie Village Jazz Festival will be going on on Sept 11th and will attract some more police attention than usual in Prairie Village (if there could possibly be more police attention in Prairie Village) so there could be a checkpoint around 83rd and Mission.

Other than that, the DUI checkpoints in Kansas City will probably be in the usual places:  77th and Wornall, Ward Parkway where it stems off into Kansas around 77th Street, anywhere on Southwest Trafficway and possibly a few dotted around Overland Park, Lee's Summit, Liberty and Prairie Village.

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