Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lew Perkins Retires

KU athletic director Lew Perkins has announced that he will retire effective immediately. Perkins was originally planning on retiring sometime next fall, which would have given KU an opportunity to take more time in finding a replacement. Perkins' announcement comes after several scandal allegations and on the heals of one of the biggest loses in the football programs recent history. Many reports are now surfacing that Perkins may have been forced out early against his will.

Perkins has been a controversial figure for KU athletics lately. Under his watch, KU won a national title in basketball and an orange bowl in football, and he raised the athletic department's revenue and significance greatly. However, the public soon learned that Perkins isn't perfect, and the scandals he has faced recently have tarnished his legacy somewhat in the public eye.

Perkins many have bent the rules a few times, but he is no more guilty than most athletic directors at major universities across the country. KU fans should remember both the steps the football program took under his watch as well as the school's continued dominance in basketball. Perkins' legacy may not be what it was a year ago, but his contributions as well as his desire to help the University of Kansas should never be forgotten.

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