Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mexicans in Kansas City - Olathe, Kansas

Mexicans are multiplying in exponential numbers in the Kansas City area.  The average Mexican has 4+ children, over 40% of which are on Obama supported welfare.  Not good.

After a recent visit to the Johnson County DMV it was obvious that the ratio of white people to Mexicans was about 1 white person to every 4 Mexicans (9 Mexicans if you include each Mexican family's 5 children in tow) - this is mostly due to the overwhelming Mexican population in Olathe, Kansas.  We move that Olathe, Kansas be separated into it's own county - certainly not Johnson County - perhaps we could call it MexiOlathe.

Thank God the American Border Patrol are stepping up their game, and we at Kansas City News Official Source are going to keep abreast of the Mexican Border Patrol's captures and arrests.  Mexicans who enter into the United States whether legally or illegally MUST SPEAK ENGLISH.  We're not going to "push 1 for English" anymore.  Sorry Mexicans, your time is up.

Here are some examples of the heroic efforts our American Border Patrols are making to keep Illegal Mexican Immigrants from slithering across our borders.

 El Paso Sector's Operation Hold the Line

El Paso Sector Chief Patrol Agent (and future U.S. congressman) Silvestre Reyes started a program called "Operation Hold the Line". In this program, Border Patrol agents would no longer react to illegal entries resulting in apprehensions, but would instead be forward deployed to the border, immediately detecting any attempted entries or deterring crossing at a more remote location. The idea was that it would be easier to capture illegal entrants in the wide open deserts than through the urban alleyways. Chief Reyes deployed his agents along the Rio Grande River, within eyesight of other agents. The program significantly reduced illegal entries in the urban part of El Paso, however, the operation merely shifted the illegal entries to other areas.

San Diego Sector's Operation Gatekeeper

A Border Patrol Jeep stands watch over the U.S.-Mexico border at San Ysidro, California.
San Diego Sector tried Silvestre Reyes' approach of forward deploying agents to deter illegal entries into the country. Congress authorized the hiring of thousands of new agents, and many were sent to San Diego Sector.  In addition, Congressman Duncan Hunter obtained surplus military landing mats to use as a border fence.  Stadium lighting, ground sensors and infra-red cameras were also placed in the area.  Eventually the primitive landing mat fence was replaced with a modern triple fence line that begins over one hundred yards into the Pacific Ocean at Imperial Beach, CA and ends more than thirteen miles (19 km) inland on Otay Mesa where the mountains begin. Apprehensions decreased dramatically in that area as people crossed in different regions.

Tucson Sector's Operation Safeguard

California was no longer the hotbed of illegal entry and the traffic shifted to Arizona, primarily in Nogales and Douglas.  The Border Patrol instituted the same deterrent strategy it used in San Diego to Arizona.

This is all great news as we should see a gradual decrease in Illegal Mexican Immigrants heading for Kansas City.


Anonymous said...

We definitely need to discourage everyone from speaking Spanish. This is America and we have chosen English as our first and only language. Learn it, or go home.

Anonymous said...

Who is 'we'?

Anonymous said...

haha this is too funny! I am itlain but i love my mexicans!! Who ever is hating on mexicans are kinda retarded haha your just jelous of them!! haha seriesly bro!

Anonymous said...

I agree!! There are many different cultures here in america, i am from africa and i do not understand why there are people so stupid and ignorant that think all hispanics are mexican. very sad indeed. I like everyone expect for people who discriminate!

Anonymous said...

The mexican kids are full of trouble, I hate them and I am not afraid to say it. They think they are all hard and can whip anyone but the first time one of em tries me I already know what I 'm going to do and it's called self defense

Janice Jefferson said...

oh i just left a post but didn't say enough about mexicans. the girls at the school want to fight my daughter all the time, she's afraid mexicans are bad and is scared they will whip her and i told her if she touches you do what you have to and for every time she hits you i am going to her house and knocking the shit out of her mom for raising such a trouble making bitch. At the movies they let their kids run up and down the steps and make lots of noise. They have to many damn kids anyway. After the first couple kids they should abort the others rather than allow them here. I don't know about Olathe having a lot but i do know Roeland Park has way to many of them, at the Mcdonalds and Walmart, everywhere and they speak their language right in front of us--rude bitches.

Mexicans in Olathe said...

It occurred to us that we didn't explain the reason that there are 50 million Mexicans running around in Olathe, specifically.

There are three main reasons for the Mexican overload in Olathe:

1. Contract Labor Jobs - Olathe is the mecca of those who work in the contract labor business; drunk painters, shady contractors that leave your house half finished and then never hear from them again, and of course LAWN CARE COMPANIES. All of these businesses are prone to hire illegal Mexican immigrants and pay them cash off the books.

2. Apartments - Olathe has 50 million apartment complexes, thus it has the capacity to house a large number of people in a very condensed area. This is fine with Mexicans, as they prefer to live in large clusters, crawling all over each other. It is not common for there to be 4 adults and at least 6 children living in an average 2 bedroom apartment. Olathe has tons of ghetto cheap apartments, therefore the Mexicans are in heaven.

3. Mexicans live where other Mexicans live. In other words, Olathe will continue to be bursting with Mexicans because they have established the city as a "home base". Mexicans are crawling across the border by the thousand and Olathe is welcoming them with open arms.

For a good laugh, go to the new DMV in Olathe off Ridgeview and count the Mexicans in there - holy shit balls batman. You actually have to choose "English" or "Spanish" when you take your ticket to get in line. That's fucked up son.

Anonymous said...

Viva Mexico !!!

Anonymous said...

We aren't jealous. We shouldn't have to learn their language when they decide to come to America. But if we go to Mexico, we have to know their language. So we are suppose to cater to them?

Juan De Santiago said...

America doesn't have an official language. If you want me to learn the language of real Americans, someone better start teaching me Apache, Souix, Camanche, Navajo, or another REAL Native American language. If people aren't directing the conversation to you, they can use any language they want in front of you. I know I come from a diverse state, but are you really that closed minded? I think it's really awesome hanging out with my friends and hearing Tagalog, Hindi, German, Vietnamese, and Spanish all in one night.
Illegal immigrants do jobs Americans don't want. If American companies didn't hire them, they would all go back. I swear!!! They don't qualify for government assistance because they are illegal. How would they survive? Are you really that blind to not notice you create this "problem?"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

First of all "Mexican" is a nationality, not a race. So, for all of you who think America is free game, don't go and try to make the situation a matter of race. Second of all, for those of you who believe that all Mexicans are scum who corrupt our society, get an education! There are as many Mexicans who are hard-working family oriented people who abide by the law as there are white people who are drug addicted trash.

But why is it that my family, who are white,struggled financially for years but had to fight for government assistance, despite generation after generation of American citizens, but illegal immigrants can waltz across the border, pop out four or five kids, and be spoon fed freebies such as medical care and food stamps?

For those of you saying that Mexicans are helping build our country, why dont they go build their country? Fix their government and medical care system? So that our country can stop being overcrowded and run down?

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