Sunday, September 19, 2010

Should KU Start Kale Pick?

Ah, the good old quarterback position. It all starts and ends there. We saw how Kale Pick started the season,Jordan Webb came in to lead KU to a surprise win over 15th ranked Georgia Tech, and then KU got smacked on the road by Southern Mississippi. While Webb has played somewhat well for a true freshman, perhaps KU is better off with Kale Pick.

First, lets take a look at KU's offense as a whole. So far, the only thing KU has really done effectively is run the ball. Webb has played pretty well, most notably he hasn't thrown a pick which has been big. My question is: if KU's offense is going to rely on the run, especially some zone reads, options, etc why not use Pick? Webb made a few plays with his feet but Pick could be deadly on the run. Maybe just go all in with a rushing attack with Pick and the RBs, and use the occasional pass?

The other reason I thought a switch could be possible is when KU isn't running and running and running, the majority of the team's passes are bubble screens and short throws. You are telling me that Pick couldn't execute the bubble screen? If the Jayhawks are going to handicap its offense no matter who is behind center and only throw screens and short passes, couldn't they at least try to get another threat/dimension out of the position?

My third point is for being the "better passer" of the two, I haven't been impressed really with Webb's throws more than 10 yards. Against Southern Miss, most of his passes that were even remotely downfield were way off. I know he is still young and has time to develop, but some of those passes were ugly. I also wonder about the quick switch at QB. Was Pick that bad against NDSU? He wasn't good, but was he that bad? The coaches said he was clearly the better QB during the spring and summer and earned the QB1 spot, was that just an attempt to give him confidence? I'm not sure, but if KU's offense continues to struggle, Pick should at least be given a second look.

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