Monday, October 4, 2010

American Royal BBQ 2010 Winners - Contest Winners

American Royal BBQ 2010 Contest Winners - Kansas City

The American Royal BBQ Contest was another pork filled fun weekend here in Kansas City.  The smokers were a'smokin' and most of the people there were probably smokin' as well.  Parking was impossible as usual and the bands on the main stage were OK at best, except for Liverpool, who continues to be a great Kansas City band.  The weather was PERFECT, however, and that made up for the long walk from your car to the BBQ.  The American Royal BBQ is one of the biggest events of the year in Kansas City and draws over 100,000 people each year to the contest.

2010 American Royal BBQ Contest Winners
Best Overall - "Lotta Bull BBQ" - 1st Place
Best Chicken - "Swine Assassins" 1st Place
Best Pork - "Iowa's Smokey D's BBQ" 1st Place
Best Ribs - "Jiggy Piggy" 1st Place
Best Brisket - "Uncle Bub's BBQ LLC" 1st Place
Best Sausage - "SMOKE BREAK" 1st Place
Best Sauce on the Planet Award - Tim & Todd's Excellent BBQ Sauce

Congratulations to all of the American Royal BBQ 2010 Winners - we'll see you again next year!


American Royal BBQ Kansas City said...

Hey, are you guys just looking at this article because of the picture!!?

Well, we don't blame you :)

Anonymous said...

No, we're here to see the American Royal BBQ contest winners. Haha! Uh, no.

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