Monday, October 11, 2010

Brett Favre Scandel Could Tarnish Legacy

Celebrated athletes falling from grace is nothing new, and Brett Favre may be the latest to join the list. Favre is currently involved in a sex scandal from his days with the New York Jets. The future hall of famer is accused of sending inappropriate pictures of himself to Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger, as well as leaving her voice mails and other signs of evidence. The scandal may produce a suspension from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, which would bring an end to Favre's epic consecutive starts streak. More importantly, it will likely destroy the legacy of America's favorite All-American athlete.

Favre is one of the most popular and enduring athletes in America today, and there are plenty of good reasons why our country loves him so much. He has constantly fought through hardships in his life and came out stronger, from surviving a near-fatal car accident in college to shredding the Oakland Raiders right after his father died. Favre was that good ol' boy from the Mississippi Bayou, the small-town kid who became the greatest player in the history of America's small-town franchise. Then it all went downhill.

Favre started garnering a lot of negative attention in his public war with Packers' President Ted Thompson and later signing with the New York Jets. After an average season in New York, Favre stabbed Packer fans in the back even further, signing with the hated Minnesota Vikings. Favre's legacy slowly turned from All-American hero to spoiled, me-first prima donna. The sex allegations may be the final nail in the coffin. Remember when Favre's wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and all we heard about for three strait months was Favre's family commitment with the shots of Deanna Favre in the stands? This same player was sending naked pictures of himself to another woman years later. Even worse, we are now learning that this behavior is nothing new for number 4. America has finally caught on, and Favre will now join the long list of Athletes who's personal lives tarnished their legacy.

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