Monday, October 18, 2010

Chiefs Lose to Texans - Brandon Flowers Complains to Ref

Chiefs vs. Colts - turning point in the game:  Dwayne Bowe drops the ball in the end zone.
Chiefs vs. Texans - turning point in the game:  Brandon Flowers gives up on a play to call for a flag.

I don't claim to be a Chiefs expert by any means, but I made one observation today that I thought needed mentioning.  This game turned at the precise moment when Brandon Flowers stopped his coverage of Andre Johnson to complain about a push off that was never called.  It wasn't until I rewound the play several times (love that rewind button) that I convinced my fellow Chiefs fans that Flowers still had a chance to break up that play if he wouldn't have quit on the play, threw his arms up and looked for a flag.  If you watch the play closely, Brandon could have stayed with the play until the end and easily kept Andre Johnson from catching that ball.  Instead, he quits in the middle of the play and starts to yell at the ref before the play is even over!  C'Mon MAN!

Today's loss was very similar to last week's loss when the game seemed to turn on one event - Dwayne Bowe's dropped a pass in the endzone, the game turned because Peyton's face lit up and came out of the funk that he had been in up to that point and turned on the zipp.  This week's Chiefs loss to the Texans had a similar moment;  when Brandon Flowers completely gave up on a play to waive his arms about and try to coax a flag out the ref on a completed pass to Andre Johnson that he could have easily defended had he stayed with the play.  The so called "push off" was NOT that big of a deal folks.

Notice to Brandon Flowers:  This is the NFL, you're going to get pushed around - A LOT - but you need to finish plays and help your team to put up W's.  Finish the damn play and let the refs sort it out after the fact.


Anonymous said...

eh.. whatever. Flowers clearly took an elbow to the back that moved him out of the way. CLEARLY not a PI on Flowers, and clearly an offensive PI on Johnson. It would have been very tough to still make a play on the ball at that point... I think Flowers is very aware he's playing in the NFL.. maybe your note should be directed to the official he made a terrible call.

KansasCityNews said...

That's true, that was a terrible call on Flowers. But he still could have made a play on the ball - watch the rewind, son. You play until the whistle blows - period.

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