Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dwayne Bowe Touchdown Catch - Chiefs vs. Jaguars 2010

Here is an incredible video of Dwayne Bowe's touchdown catch vs. the Jaguars today.  Bowe had experienced a few weeks of doubt as he started dropping critical passes - one for a touchdown - but it appears that Bowe is back to his true form as one of the league's dominant receivers.  Granted, the Jacksonville Jaguars are absolutely terrible, but this video clip of Bowe's TD catch is worth checking out:

Dwayne Bowe Touchdown Catch - Chiefs vs. Jaguars 2010

Oh, and as a side note, the announcers that covered the Chiefs vs. Jaguars game today were totally LAME.  I think one of them might have been our old punk QB Rich Gannon.  They were coddling and slobbering all over Todd Bouman's nutbag and it was pissing me off.  They kept showing his stupid family in the stands taunting the Chiefs fans around them.  Hey Todd Bouman, you are a 5th string QB at best, retire already.  The idiot commentators finally shut up about how great Bouman was when he threw a nice PICK to our soldier Derrick Johnson - SWEET.  Gannon and whoever else you had in the booth today, you might even be weaker than the Jaguars :)  Alright alright, check out the clip already:

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"TouchDown" Dwayne Bowe Tribute

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