Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Federal Appeals Court Grants Stay of Execution for Nunley

Roderick Nunley will not die in the Missouri Execution Chamber at Bonne Terre tonight. This after a Federal Appeals Court Judge Stayed Nunley's execution. At issue is whether or not Nunley was entitled to a sentence handed down by a jury instead of a judge - even though at the time there was no option for sentencing by a jury for a Defendant who plead guilty. Past rulings by the Missouri Supreme court have stated that the right could be applied retroactively in some cases. At least Three different judges have upheld the death sentence on Nunley thus far. The state has appealed this decision.

Roderick Nunley and Michael Taylor plead guilty to raping and murdering 15 yr old Ann Harrison on March 22, 1989. They abducted the girl as she waited for the school bus in front of her house in Kansas City. Taylor and Nunley then drove her to Nunley's mother's house and raped and stabbed the girl. Both turned on each other and pleaded guilty to try and save their sorry asses. Both were given the death penalty. Taylor's previous execution date was also stayed, and no date has been set for his execution. So these two pieces of filth breath on. Kansas City News will keep you updated on any further developments in the case.

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