Wednesday, October 27, 2010

LeBron James New Ad Attempts To Repair His Image

LeBron James is attempting to win back some fans with his new Nike Commercial. The ad portrays the controversial moments in James' life, from high school to the infamous decision, while also having some fun with a parody of Miami Vice. Throughout the piece, LeBron asks the viewer "what should I do?" while providing a list of possible decisions.

James' Nike ad is much more effective than Tiger Woods' video, in which the disgraced golfer tried to win back fans by using his deceased father. Many are claiming James ripped off Woods in the ad, however James' is more humorous and much longer. Nike writes the commercials, not the athletes, and James was likely doing whatever his PR team instructed him to.

While the ad does a good job of juggling both a sincere LeBron with the joking, fun-loving star we have seen in years, it fails to address why James has become so unpopular. It wasn't so much the decision James made, it was how he did it: using national TV and staging his back-stabbing of Cleveland in a Boys' and Girls' Club building. In the add LeBron asks "should I become a Villian?" and at this point, it might not be a bad idea.

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