Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chiefs Raiders 2010 - The Rivalry Continues

Chiefs Raiders 2010 - The Rivalry Continues
by Kansas City News

As the AFC West standings reveal, the only two teams left standing in this division are The Kansas City Chiefs and The Los Angeles Raiders.  The Chiefs are a stellar 5 and 2 and the lowly Raiders are only 4 and 4 due to a recent streak of luck that has befallen them.  So basically, even if the Chiefs lose this game they are still in first place, uncontested.  However if the Chiefs can pound the Raiders back into reality, then they will be a lock for a playoff birth in the AFC.

The Chiefs / Raiders rivalry goes way back to the 60's when the Chiefs, led by Hall of Fame coach Hank Stramm, and the Raiders led by the ever-animated John Madden, were constantly battling it out for the top spot and helped to put the NFL on the map.  The Chiefs, of course went on to win Super Bowl IV in 1970, thus showing their overall superiority.

Las Vegas has the Line pick for The Kansas City Chiefs to win over the Raiders with a spread of 2.5 and a total of 44 points.  I don't think that this game will see 44 points as the 2010 season has shown us that when two high scoring teams meet, the score goes low.  If you're out in Vegas, or betting online, definitely take the under on this game.  This will be a defensive battle, although I do predict most of the scoring to occur early in the game.  Amazingly enough, history shows that if the Raiders score first, they are more likely to lose.  Interesting fact.

The Kansas City Chiefs have the number 1 rushing game in the NFL, and they will relentlessly run against an unpredictable Raiders rushing defense.  Plan on seeing more of Tony Moeaki in this game, as well as sleeper receiver Terrance Copper.  On the Raider's side of the ball they have a BIG problem with super star shut-down corner Nnamdi Asomugha out for the game, and adding to their troubles will be the absense of one Zach Miller, who has been a big part of their recent success.

Ryan Lilja, our prized O-Lineman will be returning to duty this week which should really get that running game moving "early and often" as my old partner Mr. Wonderful would say.  I'm almost relieved that this game isn't being played in Kansas City, at least we won't have to be reminded of how much trash and ghetto folk live here when they all show up at Arrowhead (how do they afford tickets?) in their Raiders Jerseys, poor nasty trash - all of them.  I have good friends who usually serve Mexican cuisine at their tailgate party when the Raiders are in town, nice!

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