Sunday, November 21, 2010

Obama Chia Pet - Racist Claims Pulled From Shelves

Obama Chia Pet - This is NOT a Joke
by Kansas City News

I have just seen the most hilarious commercial ever.  Chia, famous for their Chia Pets has come out with a Chia Pet Obama!  This commercial came on right after South Park so I thought for sure that it was a joke, but alas, this baby is for REAL!

Apparently the Obama Chia has been pulled from the shelves of several stores claiming that it is racist.  I must admit, as hilarious as this is, it does come a little close to Al Jolson singing "Mammy" in blackface.

Try not to laugh while you watch the commercial clip:

Oh hell yes, while I was loading our clip I found another version of the Chia Obama commercial that is even BETTER!  This one will have you doing a SPIT TAKE.  His frickin' green Chia hair grows out of his melon like a jungle-green afro with time lapse - this is priceless.

Ok, I'm laughing too hard to type anymore.  Jesus, just when you thought you'd seen it all...


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Unknown said...

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