Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bush Tax Cuts should be lower.

The Bush Tax Cuts incense me. I don't know when I have felt like an entire "group" of people are as completely insane, ignorant, and just don't get it, as people who support increasing taxes for those making over $250K per year. The Bush Tax Cuts would have been a tax increase had Obama not worked with Republicans to extend them. The truth is they need to be lower than the current rate of the Bush Tax Cuts Americans are bickering about now. I suggest a flat 20% for everyone...even whiny liberals who believe the world owes them everything and they shouldn't have to work for anything. Reducing taxes far beyond the Bush Tax Cuts would be good for individuals, good for businesses, and good for the economy. Fixing the tax code would be even better...

The fact that government cannot manage anything efficiently is no reason for the American taxpayer to suffer. Now that money is tight, budgets are under scrutiny, and government cuts are happening everywhere, it is painfully obvious that our government has been run incredibly inefficiently. The government coffers have dwindled, yet government life is still continuing. Hmmmm.

When did the notion begin that the money we make belongs to the government? There is an amount (20%) that will sustain the government, our infrastructure, our fire/police, and all other basic services the government provides. The closer taxes get to 20%, the better the economy will perform and the more revenue the government will collect. But I am from the school of thought that America is the land of the free and not the land of the oppressive government who takes over 50% of your income if you make over $250K when you count local and state taxes on top of your 39% federal income tax.

When is enough, enough? Where are we headed? Do you liberals truly think it is okay for a person to work their tails off, hustle to make a business or a business idea work, make $100K per year but be taxed 70% of your income so that you take home $30K per year and the guy who actually makes $30K per year gets to take home say $25K per year because of your liberal notion of social justice, screwed up taxation, and overall stupidity? If this sounds off, don't be too sure. If crazy liberals and Democrats (who are hell bent on keeping the poor people poor) had their way, rich people would get their asses handed to them in taxes in order to equal out the distribution of income so that those who take entrepreneurial risk are not rewarded but rather penalized for doing so.

Is being a racist cool? Does the word "faggot" make you mad? Is it cool to pay a man more than a woman for doing the same job? No? If you are so righteous, then why in heck is it okay to tax one person higher than another?

Here is my deal with you crazy liberals, you give me equal taxation and I will vote for gay marriage. Cool?

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