Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chiefs Chargers - Why We Lost the Game on the First Drive

The Chiefs lost this game on the very first drive.  What moron would call 4 running plays in a row when The Chargers KNOW that the running game is all we have? (oh, that link goes to a Charger's website where they talk about the fact that they KNOW that the run is all we have) - Today, the Chiefs did the classic idiotic play calling sequence:

Run - small gain
Run - amazingly a first down
Run - small gain
Run - small gain
3rd Down - yeah, great time to pass now that they fucking KNOW we're going to pass.  FAIL.

At this exact point this game was over.  Not overreacting here, this actually ended the game.  Why?  Because once the Chargers knew that we weren't going to throw the ball, they got nice and comfortable and teed off on our running game.  Great scheme guys.

Here is what an intelligent NFL team would have done on the first drive:

1st play of the game - LONG BOMB.  Incomplete, interception, who cares?  As long as they know that we're going to test them deep.

2nd play of the game - PLAY ACTION PASS.  They are sitting on the run - the play action would have been PERFECT - even just a short pass would have been effective here.

3rd play of the game - PLAY ACTION PASS.  That's right - ANOTHER pass.  Let them think that we're going to pass all damn day.

If the Chiefs had anyone on staff who knew anything about football, we could have had a chance in this game.  But it is obvious that they do not.  4 fucking runs in a row - great strategy guys, IDIOTS.

This is why the Chiefs haven't won a playoff game in 200 years or so.  The funny part is, there was a girl watching the game with us and she didn't know anything about football - her EXACT quote was "why are they running the ball so much right off the bat when they know that our quarterback is hurt and that we're going to have to run the ball for the whole game?"  - Yes, ladies and gentleman, even a girl who knows nothing about football knows more than the Chiefs coaching staff.  I turned the game off after the 1st quarter.  No need to watch any more of THAT.

Let me know what the final score is - or no, wait, how about don't.  I'm going out to eat.

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