Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mark Madoff, son of Bernie Madoff, hangs himself.

Mark Madoff turned his dad in to the authorities 2 years ago. This is when the world learned that Bernie Madoff was the first real contender to change the phrase "Ponzi Scheme" to "Madoff Scheme". Today, Mark Madoff hung himself in his New York apartment while his 2 year old son slept.

I have a real problem with anyone taking their own life. It is the selfish way out. Mark Madoff left a wife, some kids, and a gigantic scar that will haunt them the rest of their lives. Where is daddy? When will daddy come home? I wish dad could see me now, I wish dad was here at my wedding...etc. Complete crap.

Seeing someone dead as an adult is painful enough but if that little two year old kid woke up and saw his father hanging from a dog leash, imaging how that would have effected his life...oh wait his father already effected his son's life when he chose to take his own.

There are plenty of places to go for help. Call a suicide hotline, find a counselor, exercise, grab a priest, find a hooker, or just frickin' cry out for help! But taking your own life by choice is selfish and effects many, many, many other lives.

He was under investigation for something but the word is that his investigation wouldn't have lead to prison. He had civil lawsuits filed against him but once again, he wouldn't end up in prison. So the prison excuse is out. If he thought he was saving his family by ending his life for life insurance, it would have just been sucked away somehow through the wonderful American Justice system where lawyers are paid to see how hard they can screw you...and the insurance money would be gone.

Regardless of all of it, my message is no matter how bad your life is, don't kill yourself. If you have ever met one person in your life or have ever had 1 friend in your life...just one...then don't kill yourself because you will be missed and you will negatively effect others. Life will get better and each day you fight through the rough days it will bring you closer to the good days while at the same time help you appreciate the life you have been given. Choosing to check out without paying your bill is wrong.

There isn't a soul on this earth that is too fat, ugly, lonely, or depressed to justify pullingl the trigger, swallowing the pills, or swinging from a tree. I guess since Mark Madoff's father was selfish enough to steal billions of dollars in "play money" to him and destroy the lives of thousands of people, it just makes sense genetically/hereditarily that Mark Madoff would not think of a soul (much less his own family) when he decided to swing from a pole wearing a dog collar.

I pray for your soul Mark Madoff.

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