Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thuggery at KU Continues as Mario Little Arrested

Few details are currently available, but KU Senior Mario Little was arrested overnight on charges of Battery, Criminal Damage, and Criminal Trespass - all misdemeanors. Police were called to an apartment building on Ohio St in Lawrence because of a disturbance around 3AM. Mario was booked and posted bail around 5AM this morning.

Little will most certainly be suspended from the Basketball team, maybe worse. Though maybe I'm wrong, Bill Self is known to put up with criminals and thuggery. You might remember Mario Little's involvement last year in the fights with the Football Team (makes me laugh to think about those idiots). Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.

In other Big 12 Basketball news, Missouri Point Guard Michael Dixon was suspended indefinitely by Missouri Basketball coach Mike Anderson for unspecified violation of team rules. Word is the violation has nothing to do with breaking the law. Now that Mike Anderson he runs a tight ship. Go Tigers!


Anonymous said...

Bill Self puts up with criminals? Um, the last two players to be involved in any altercation (Giles, Giddens) were immediately thrown off the team.

Go You Mizzou fans just can't stand that we win the Big 12 every year (six years strait), have a recent national title, and routinely beat the crap out of your team.

But yeah, comments like "Mike Anderson runs a tight ship" and "KU are thugs" make you feel better about yourself, so go ahead. Let it out. You're the man! KU sucks. They cheat! Players on their team occasionally get in trouble, which has never happened at Mizzou (cough cough RIcky Clemons).

So keep playing in your arena named after a college girl who cheated her whole way through college. Keep up with your "journalism" of useless "I hate KU" dribble. You know Mizzou has a great journalism school. Maybe if you had actually gone to the college you could write something better than pointless I hate KU garbage.

Can't wait to beat you yet again this year.

KU Football said...

Haha, KU fans are simply PRECIOUS! They are all white Anglo-Saxon Overland Park yuppies who are cheering for athletes who have NOTHING to do with KU as a university. The athletes are plucked from the ghettos of America and most have never even heard of Lawrence, Kansas - much less point to it on a map. It's very nice that KU's football team is a complete disgrace - and anyone who actually has time to watch college basketball is well....a dork.

See link below:

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