Friday, January 7, 2011

Penn Valley Community College Locked Down after Shooting Chase

Community College Locked Down while Police Search for Shooting Suspect
by Kansas City News

At 8am this morning police were involved in a shooting and subsequent chase that started at 24th and Drury Avenue.  The shooters fled police in a stolen vehicle after shooting one person.  The shooting did not result in any serious injuries, but the perps fled in the stolen car until they crashed into a taxi cab around 18th Street and Benton Avenue.  After the crash police apprehended two of the passengers in the car but a third passenger fled the scene and so far has evaded police.  Since the incident occurred near the Metropolitan Community College, police have locked the college down until the third suspect is found - or they give up, one of the two.  The exact name of the college has not been released but it assumed to be Penn Valley Community College.  This coming on the cusp of the stabbing of Albert Dimmitt, Jr., dean of Penn Valley Community College back in September by a delusional Casey Brezik, who intended to stab Missouri Governor Jay Nixon instead.

Police recovered a semi-automatic hand gun, a black mask and discovered blood inside the vehicle that the suspects were driving.

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