Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Top 20 Crash Locations in Kansas City - Accidents

Top 20 Crash / Accident Locations in Kansas City Released
by Kansas City News

Today the KCPD released it's list of the top 20 accident sites in the Kansas City area.  The police department kept a running tab on how many wrecks happened at each site - check to see which ones are closest to your neighborhood:

The first place honor goes to N. Flintlock and 152 Highway in Pleasant Valley where I-35 meets up with I-435.  This site racked up 73 total car crashes in 2010.  Second place goes to E. Front Street and I-435, yet another North location totalling 66 wrecks.  Third place went to N. Church Rd. and 152 Highway, yet ANOTHER Northern location.  Sounds like the folks living up North need to take some driving classes.

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