Saturday, March 19, 2011

Japanese Do Not Respect Americans

Before we go chucking millions of relief dollars out of America...
by Kansas City News

It seems that even though America is completely broke and in a crippling depression, we have found yet another way to throw our money out the window.  Before the tsunami hit Japan, most Americans were trying to find a way to keep American dollars in America.  We were questioning the validity of budget spending for things that we should put off for the future such as space exploration and other worthless spending endeavors.  Most of us were tired of feeding and educating the children in Africa - ANNOUNCEMENT TO THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES LIKE AFRICA:  If your country is poor and there is no food or money, DON'T FUCKING HAVE CHILDREN!  Instead of sending money over there to feed their 5 or 6 children per family, we should send over some of our experienced college students to show the males how to "pull out" during sex.  That would put an end to that problem.  But I digress, the situation in Japan, and the fact that Americans are once again chucking money out of our country bothers me for a few very good reasons:

The Japanese do not like, or respect Americans - period.  Now this is no surprise as very few countries (or maybe no countries) respect America, but let's take a look at a cold hard fact about the Japanese and what they think about Americans - ponder this one before you send money over to Japan:

It is considered SHAMEFUL for a Japanese woman to marry an American.  Most Japanese families will disown a daughter who marries an American.  Now what does this tell us about what the Japanese think of us?

I Don't want to harp on this subject for long, and if it makes you feel better about yourself by sending money to Japan, then do so if you must.  This feeling of self worth is probably similar to attending church on Sunday, you figure since you attend church every once in awhile that you are somehow a better person, which is only the case if you are a good person outside of the church, which is not the case for most people.  Sending money out into a void where you're not even sure what it is being used for is just senseless, and you're most likely doing it just to make yourself feel better.

Remember that the Japanese do not respect us in the slightest degree, just as most countries don't.  I'm not trying to "hate" on the Japanese, I'm simply saying that we have an economic crisis right here at home and we can't afford to send money to these other countries who don't even really like us in the first place.  C'Mon people!  We need to get tough over here.


Anonymous said...

This is a great piece, I don't think that very many Americans realize just how much other countries like Japan dislike America, but we keep coming to their aide every time anyway.

Anonymous said...

You crazy. Me say Japanese man love American woman long time. Ten Dolla make you holla.

Anonymous said...

Actually, sending Japan money could work in the opposite way and cause them to think differently about us as a country.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Japan and the rest of the world may look at America in a better light for helping out. But haven't we always helped everyone out and they still hate us anyway? I say fuck 'em all then. Every country for themselves.

Anonymous said...

You're just fueling the fire.

Fuck Everyone but America said...

The focus of this article is not any sort of fucking prejudice against the Japanese, the focus is that America doesn't need to be sending any money to foreign countries until we get our own shit together financially.

Understand the point before you open your mouth.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Damn fools. Yeah, America is really doing well just "helping itself" isn't it? The more foreign relations the better. We're slowly being ruled by our debt to foreign countries, so you'd be better off helping them rather than severing our ties to them and just shrugging off the international debt. What ever happened to treating others the way you would like to be treated, huh? Oh, that's right. Such a way of thinking was lost with America's absolutely disgusting form of dog-eat-dog capitalism.

If any of you had even been to Japan, you'd know that most of their citizens absolutely worship Americans and foreigners. So long, as they are not as ignorant and blind as the moron who wrote up this post. They enjoy those who are polite, well-mannered, and very considerate of others--you must know their customs and at least some of the language to truly gain respect there. They have very high expectations of how people should act there, and sloppy, inconsiderate, and disregarding individuals are often thought less of. This is no different than any other country, not even America! Perhaps you should examine why you have not had a good experience in Japan with the Japanese, before you blatantly claim that they ALL hate Americans! That is, of course, if you have even been there... it seems that most of you are just reading copypasta of some idiots' posts about how they didn't get into a resturaunt because it said "no Americans" on a sign out front.

Consider why this is: you wouldn't want someone that didn't even know your language (and on top of that, assumed that you simply knew their language right off the bat) strolling into your fine establishment that has regulars in it that are held in high regard because of their contribution to your business. Why would you let in a stranger to your establishment that has no interest in or understanding of your culture and most basic rituals? This is why **some** Americans are not let into a small *handful* of extremely oriental resturaunts in Japan. We're talking places you really have to look for; alleyways in cities; small, rural towns in the middle of nowhere. That sort of thing.

You have to understand, most citizens love the aspect of meeting people who look differently, speak differently, and are from a completely different cultural universe compared to themselves. They embrace meeting someone new; as long as that new person is deserving of their interest. The Japanese (along with every country in the world) have an immense amount of pride for their culture, and to meet someone who couldn't care less about learning their language, understanding their culture, or showing respect to them, will see only an eye for an eye. No respect for us, no respect for you. They will ALWAYS let in a foreigner, whether they be American or whatever else, if you are polite, understand some of the language, and can produce respect towards them in the way of local custom. Use some common sense here people; this is exactly how it is in the U.S., too, if not the entire world. Just because you're an American, you're not entitled to trample over everyone else's culture and beliefs at your own discretion. It's damn shameful to me knowing that they even have to post up signs like that in some places of the world.

America was created to be a beautiful refuge for the modern world's denizens to take shelter in, and form a new, free life for themselves. It was made with the entire world in mind, not just the sole country. Which I need not remind remind you, includes 195 OTHER countries besides the 'prestigious' America. The founding fathers would be absolutely disappointed with any of you trying to call yourselves 'conservatives' in regards to that, let alone liberals. Hell, any thinking individual should be ashamed to view the world as a free for all, rather than a place to help others before yourself.

Anonymous said...

Idiotism and ignorance at its best.

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