Thursday, March 10, 2011

New IRS Agents Hired by Obama Auditing Small Businesses

Obama uses "health care reform" excuse to hire 16,000
new IRS agents to aggressively audit the middle class.
Middle Class and Small Business Owners Beware!  Obama's new 16,000 IRS agents aren't just here for the new health care plan...
by Kansas City News

Striking another blow to the already fragile middle class, Obama has hired 16,000 new IRS agents to (ahem) "support" the new health care plan.  This is curious because the health care plan doesn't even go into effect until 2013 or later.  The IRS agents have already been hired, or at least most of them, and they aren't going to be doing anything related to the new health care plan for another 2 years.  What do you think they're going to be doing in the meantime?

Well, I know exactly what they're going to be doing:  Aggressively auditing the middle class and especially those who own their own businesses and small companies.  This is becoming an epidemic as over 3,000 local Kansas City small businesses reported that they are currently being audited.  The audits mysteriously started in October of 2010, and seem to be continuing with no end in site.  Businesses that are being targeted are small "mom and pop" stores and small companies.  Easy targets for the IRS since most of them can't afford accountants and tax lawyers, etc.  So basically we have thousands of new IRS agents sitting around with nothing to do, and they are going after the middle class - more importantly, right here in Kansas City.  Kansas City, like most US cities was founded on small businesses like Hallmark, AMC Theaters, Black and Veach and countless others - granted, those companies are big now, but had they been cut down before they had a chance to grow, we wouldn't be near the great city that we are today.  If the IRS and the government keep attacking the small companies in Kansas City, our choices as Kansas City residents and consumers will become limited.  We will be forced to go "crawling to Potter" - basically having no choice but to buy from the big companies.  It's an old story, you know, WalMart took over and ruined the mom and pop stores, etc. - but this IRS attack isn't moving us in the right direction.

We all get it, the country is broke, so let's hire 16,000 IRS agents to go get money from the little guys who can't defend themselves or cleverly hide their money like the big companies.  Once again, our government got themselves in a bind and the middle class will have to ultimately pay for it.

On a more intelligent note, the UK is proposing that small businesses will not be subjected to audits AT ALL as it costs the country too much money.  The UK is estimating that they will save over 400 Million Euros each year after this law is passed.  Smart country.


Anonymous said...

Our company was audited this year as well. We are a small KC based company and we pay our taxes quarterly and on time. It did seem like they were just "gold digging" and after easy prey like our small company. They were in and out quickly, and oddly enough, they audited all other companies that were on our books and quickly went through their books and took some of their money as well. There is definitely something fishy going on here. Fucking Obama.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree! we were audited as well and we recently started our business this year. This is why I started researching if my hunch was true!:( I am right!

No More Republicans, Sorry said...

4 more years? Try the rest of our natural lives. The Republicans will NEVER get back into office. There are too many blacks, Mexicans and assorted illegals who will continue to vote Democrat. The Republican Party is done as we know it. Obama started the ball rolling, now it's time for all of those illegal mexicans to start having babies and get on Welfare! yippee!

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