Thursday, March 31, 2011

Royals Home Opener 2011 at the K in Kansas City

Oh, say, can you see...all of the awesome new BARS that
we put in!  Don't watch the game - get drunk!
The Kansas City Royals held their Home Opener for their 2011 Season Today at the K
by Kansas City News

Well, once again it's time for adult "ditch day" at the K.  Thousands of Kansas Citians thought up good excuses to take personal days to head out to the old ballpark to watch our pathetic Royals take the field with the equivalent of minor league players at best.  The Kansas City Royals were promptly pummeled by The Los Angeles Angles 4-2.  We decided not to go this year because last year's home opener just had too many negative experiences including the hilarious bathroom situation (two urinals, 2 stalls), and the nearly impossible task of obtaining a friggin' beer.

Former Royals player Mike Sweeney was on hand to throw out the first pitch today and recalled his playing days with The Royals:

“Believe it or not, I was thrown in as a defensive replacement. They thought I was a pretty good catcher back then,” Sweeney recalled. “Paul Molitor hit a chopper down the third-base line and I threw a ball up the first-base line and made an error. And I got fined in Kangaroo Court for having more Major League errors than hits.”  At that point, Sweeney turned to his young son, Michael, and asked him if he wanted to be a Major League player. “Yes,” the boy replied.  Sweeney said, despite the error, his first game was special. “It was all you dream of and more,” he said.

It's not surprising to anyone that the Kansas City Royals are one of the worst teams in baseball.  The entire TEAM in Kansas City makes just under what ONE PLAYER makes for the Yankees.  The Royals entire salary total for 2011 = $36.1 Million.  Alex Rodriguez will make $32 Million in 2011.

When asked about this seriously lopsided salary situation Royals general manager Dayton Moore said “I’m not worried that it’s too low, I look at it as something that gives us tremendous flexibility going forward as an organization to be competitive as we negotiate for players.”  Yeah, OK, whatever.  I think the Royal's money goes into the same sort of pot that the Chiefs money goes into - right back into the owners pocket.  Neither the Royals nor the Chiefs have any plans to spend any serious money on players in the future, why do you think that they turned both stadiums into virtual BARS.

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Anonymous said...

Too funny, they did indeed turn both stadiums into bars. They know that Kansas City fans like to drink - a lot - before the games and so they put money into making sure everyone stays drunk instead of watching the games.

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