Tuesday, April 5, 2011

UConn Wins National Title

Butler's Cinderella run finally ended, as the UConn Huskies knocked off the Bulldogs, 53-41. For the second straight season, Butler was able to crash the title game and face off against one of college basketball's dominant programs. Once again, Butler wasn't quite good enough to win it all and cap what would have been possibly the most surprising tournament championship ever.

Give credit to UConn for the win and surviving a poor shooting night from superstar Kemba Walker, however this game will be remembered for Butler's horrendous offensive effort. The Bulldog's shot 18% from the floor. 18%! This is easily the worst shooting performance in title game history, and allowed UConn to pretty much coast to a win in the second half despite playing average ball.

You can't play the "Butler was overwhelmed by the moment" card, because this team has played in several big games in the past two years, including last year's title game. The reality was UConn was the team with top talent, the team from the big conference, while Butler was a good mid-major on an unbelievable run. They ran out of steam at the wrong time, but it was still a great season. The Bulldogs have taught us that having experienced players and good coaching can take you into April, no matter what the name on the jersey says.

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