Friday, April 29, 2011

Using Plus Sign in Google Search Not Necessary

Just a quick note to my old friends who are probably my age or a little older, class of 19@* or whatever. Although we were the last really cool generation, the generation that all of the young people aged 12-26 are still imitating, the last generation that actually stood for or meant anything, or contributed anything to the world musically, the last generation who was still socially adept, can look you in the eye and give a firm handshake, not text something to you to avoid confrontation like these stupid kids today walking around with their heads down as they walk texting, and texting.............................wait, what was I talking about........I had a point here.....................oh well.....senior moment.

What I wanted to tell you was, you don't have to use the plus (+) sign when searching Google or any other search engine anymore.  That technique was taught to us back in the early 90's and it is no longer necessary.  Now pay attention kids, this is awesome.  In the old days, to search the World Wide Web as we called it, you would type in search+the+world+wide+web in the search box.  And oh, what advances we have made since then.  Old people, you may now retire your plus key, but please don't lose your sense of style, because, as you can tell by watching Idol or Glee or any of the other crappy shows on network TV, the only good songs that they perform were all written before 1994, what I consider the last year actual music was made.  To wit, the preppy kids are STILL wearing the polo / izod shirts with collars up and some of them are even going back to high tops!  Hey little farts, WE started that back in the 80's.  What's next, are you guys going to start rolling up your jeans at the bottom to make them skinny.  Just wait, it's coming.

But I digress................I just noticed that since our little team here at have reached the top ten on Google under the search phrase "kansas city news" (don't try achieving THAT at home), we are getting a LOT more traffic and that some of you old schoolers are still using the plus sign when you are searching, and I want you to stop it.

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