Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vrabel Arrested on Class D Felony - Chiefs News

Mike Vrabel of the Kansas City Chiefs
Mike Vrabel of the Kansas City Chiefs Arrested on a Class D Felony this morning...
by Kansas City Mutha Fuckin' News

Do we really have a 35 year old linebacker on the Chiefs?  Holy crap, it's a good thing that the Chiefs owner recently turned Arrowhead Stadium into a bar, or the fans might notice that the Chiefs are not spending any money on players.  Anyway, on a "who really gives a fuck" note, senior citizen (and Chiefs linebacker) Mike Vrabel was arrested this morning for stealing from a casino.  This was a class D felony and since there is no "league" at this moment, this probably won't hurt Vrabel in regards to the player's conduct rule.  Thank God, because we really need all the 35 year old linebackers on the field we can get.  I think that we should look into signing Lawrence Taylor as well (who recently hired a pimp to arrange sex with a 16 year old).

More details on this hilarious incident:

Chiefs LB Vrabel arrested for theft

FLORENCE, Ind. — Kansas City linebacker Mike Vrabel was arrested Monday and charged with theft from a riverboat casino.

The Switzerland County sheriff’s department said Vrabel, 35, was arrested at 5:30 a.m. and released about 5 hours later on $600 cash bond. He was charged with a class D felony.

“It was an unfortunate misunderstanding, and I take full responsibility for the miscommunication,” Vrabel said in a statement issued through his agent. “I feel comfortable that after talking with the appropriate parties, we will resolve this matter.”

The incident happened at the Belterra Casino in Florence, Ind. A call to the security department of the casino was not immediately returned.

Vrabel, a three-time Super Bowl winner with the New England Patriots, is a member of the NFLPA executive committee and one of the plaintiffs in the players’ antitrust lawsuit against the NFL. He is supposed to appear on Wednesday in Minneapolis in a hearing in federal court in the lawsuit.

Vrabel was traded from the Patriots to the Kansas City Chiefs before the 2009 season for a bag of popcorn and free tickets to Toy Story on Ice.

Mike Vrabel is expected to play the 2011 season using a walker and a hearing aide.  Transportation will be provided for him to and from his home at Villa Ventura assisted living housing complex.

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