Monday, May 30, 2011

Royals Lose Heartbreaker to Rangers, Soria Blows Another Save

The Royals seemed to have a victory in hand, taking a 5-3 lead over the Texas Rangers into the ninth inning. However, Joakim Soria once again blew a save opportunity, and Kansas City lost, 7-6.

Soria once again blew an opportunity for young Danny Duffy to pick up a win. Since being called up only two weeks ago, Duffy has pitched very well for Kansas City. Twice he has been in a position to pick up the win, only to watch the Royals' former all-star closer get lit up in the ninth. I hope Soria has at the very least bought Duffy a beer (don't worry he is 22) or sent him a nice apology card, because his performances are getting downright embarrassing. He has now blown four saves in his last 11 opportunities. It is starting to look like Zack Grienke shouldn't have been the only all-star pitcher the Royals traded for young talent last offseason.

Despite Soria's best attempts to ruin another game, the Royals were in a position to take the game to extra innings in the ninth. After Nelson Cruz crushed a homer off Soria to tie the game, the Royals seemingly had an easy out at home plate when Mike Napoli rumbled in for the winning run. Despite a good throw from Eric Hosmer, Bryan Pena somehow missed an easy tag, and that was the ball game. While Pena and the rest of Kansas City argued the call, replays show that Napoli was indeed safe.

The loss was a perfect representation of Kansas City's season. When one thing goes right for the Royals, something else always goes wrong. The lone bright spot in the Royals' struggles continues to be Danny Duffy, who has pitched very well since being called up. While Duffy has earned a permanent spot in the starting rotation, it is time for the Royals to find another option at closer.

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