Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Royals Draft Hometown Boy Bubba Starling

Just as our Royals have hit mid season form, at least we have something else to give us hope for the future, because really that's all we ever have. The Kansas City Royals selected Derek "Bubba" Starling with the fifth overall selection in the MLB June Draft on Monday Night making the Gardner, KS native the highest pick ever from the Kansas City Metro Area. Starling plays outfield, specifically Center Field and was widely considered to be the best athlete available in the draft. Speculation was that the Royals would take one of a few college pitchers if available, or High School phenom pitcher Dylan Bundy from Oklahoma. As fate would have it, none of those pitchers were available making drafting Starling a no-brainer.

Starling has also signed a letter of intent to play football at Nebraska, though that is looking more and more like a back up plan now that he will be guaranteed millions to sign with the Royals. Bubba hinted to as much when he said "I was definitely a Royals fan growing up ... I knew whatever team got me was going to be special, but the Royals drafted me and I feel blessed." Sounds like it's sayonarasville to the Cornhuskers. He has until August 15th to sign, and many times athletes will take their time making a decision.

Starling should forgo the suspense and sign right away as the first 60 days can yield valuable experience to a young player. By all accounts he's a good kid and an incredible athlete, the Royals are lucky, it seems to have him.

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