Friday, July 1, 2011

Water Contamination in Effect for Johnson County, Olathe

A boil advisory has been issued due to contaminated water in the Johnson County area until at least 5pm Saturday.  At 7am this morning a 54 inch water main ruptured  at 78th Street and Quivira Drive that resulted in a loss of pressure system wide, which could have drawn contaminants into the water system.  Over 400,000 customers of Johnson County Water District No. 1, including most of the county but excludes most of Olathe, are being advised to boil tap water at least two minutes before consumption.  This does not include water used for bathing or washing clothes. 

WaterOne spokesman Eric Arner said that the Johnson County water boil advisery will need to be in effect for at least 18 hours to test the water and to flush the contaminants from the system.  Arner said that they were able to restore the water pressure after the water main ruptured by using pumps and releasing elevated and underground water stores.

To find out if your water may be contaminated call 913-599-9911.

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