Monday, August 22, 2011

Jonathan Baldwin Fight with Thomas Jones

An unusual situation for the newly polished Kansas City Chiefs broke out last week when rookie wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin had a few words with stand out running back Jamaal Charles. Baldwin and Charles did not escalate the argument into a physical confrontation, but the next day, Thomas Jones did. Coaches and players alike have been riding Jonathan Baldwin for weeks about getting better blocking done for Charles and Jones. On the Chiefs, if you're a receiver, your first job is to block for the run, your second job is to block for the run, and then MAYBE they will call a pass play.

Details are not completely in on the fight between Baldwin and Jones, but we would have to assume that it was initiated by Baldwin. Thomas Jones has a reputation of being quite a tough character on and off the field, proving himself in locker rooms from New York to Kansas City, and Baldwin has a reputation of talking smack, and selling out his coaches and teammates to the media. Let's put the two of those facts together and see what we come up with...well...we came up with a broken thumb for Jonathan Baldwin.

Baldwin was back on the practice field today as he was seen playing catch with his left hand, right hand / thumb heavily bandaged up, but participating none the less. So far the Chiefs injuries are:

Jared Gaither, Ryan O'Callaghan, Darryl Harris, Anthony Toribio, Eric Bakhtiari and Gabe Miller.

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