Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Raglan Road Closes in Power and Light District

Cordish Company strikes again, and today at 4pm it became official: Raglan Road Irish Pub at The Power and Light District is closing it's doors effective immediately.

The Irish Pub chain started it's journey in Ireland, then moved on with great success across the pond to Florida, and the buck literally stopped in Kansas City on Wednesday, August 31st after a lengthy legal battle with the Power and Light District. Raglan Road was last reported to have been over $700,000 in the hole on the rent due to Power and Light and despite having some of the highest priced drinks in the district, could not generate enough income to sustain and were forced to close today.

Although many were speculating that the Power and Light District was doing well, it turns out that they are in fact not doing well at all. It is sad to see Raglan Road go, as they were very enthusiastic and featured live Irish dancers and also many Kansas City bands on the weekends. It is always sad to see any live music venue go, as musicians need to eat too! They fought hard to the very end, but eventually the sky high rent in the Power and Light District proved to be too much for the Irish Pub. We wish them luck in their future endeavors and hope that they can find a city that won't charge them an arm and a leg to open a live music restaurant.

The Power and Light District has actually been very active with their legal department lately, going after everyone in sight, not seeming to care at all about smaller businesses in Kansas City. I suppose that is what we should have expected from a new business district that is being run by a conglomerate based in Baltimore Maryland. We will keep an eye on Cordish and see how many more small businesses they run out of Kansas City before this is all over.

In a statement issued to Kansas City News today from Raglan Road Irish Pub: "Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant in Kansas City will no longer be open for business effective immediately. The company has been dealing with legal battles that have come to an conclusion today."

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