Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Record High Temperatures hit KC Area Tuesday

"Is it hot enough for ya?!?!" What kind of asshole says that. No, it's not hot enough for me, I like to have my balls actually melt to the inside of my leg. Geez, what a dickhead.

Record highs were recorded all around the metro today. Officially, the high temperature was 107 at the airport breaking the old record of 104. Those of us south of the river know that it reached 110 plus in some areas. Olathe's official reading was 110. That was the hottest recorded temperature there since the 1950s.

The heat caused problems with electricity in some areas. The prolonged heat wave really puts stress on the system. Shawnee Mission Medical Center reported a power outage at the hottest part of the afternoon on Tuesday. You can check for outages 24/7 on KCPL's website. Of course, that does you a lot of good if you're the one without power.

Today, and the rest of the week, it should be considerably cooler, like 96. Enjoy your cool weather Kansas City!! On the bright side, the sexy ladies tend to wear a little less on those really hot days.

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