Friday, September 2, 2011

Chiefs vs Packers 2011 Moeaki Injury

Moeaki Injury Torn ACL, Chiefs Preseason

Well we finally made it through the grueling Chiefs preseason. Although in retrospect it was by a stroke of luck that we had football going on at all, so in that light we'll take what we can get.

Thursday night's Chiefs vs Packers game was a little bit of a punch to the nose of most Chiefs fans. The Chiefs, usually content to do their best NOT to try in preseason games, not wanting to reveal anything to the opposition, made an unusual decision to attempt to win their final preseason bout with the Packers. They kept their starters in for almost the entire game except for Matt Cassell, Eric Berry, and Tony Moeaki and a few other players who limped off the field with minor and major injuries. We have just learned that Tony Moeaki is out and placed on IR with a torn ACL, making the Chiefs pathetic rumble with the Packers on Thursday a complete and utter disaster.

Why on earth would the Chiefs lay low all preseason, being very careful to avoid injuries, disappoint season ticket holders with boring game play, and then at the very end change their whole preseason mentality and play full force against a team that we could not beat if our lives depended on it. The Packers must have just been on the sidelines shaking their heads, wondering what the hell the Chiefs were doing out there. Even with all of the Chiefs starters in the game, minus the injured players, the Chiefs couldn't do anything against the 3rd and 4th string Packers line ups. We at Kansas City News predicted that Jamaal Charles was never going to live up to the hype that the media brought on this season, and he more than proved that on Thursday night. Charles fumbled the ball and ran miserably for 1 and 2 yards at a time, proving our theory that opposing defenses are keying on him and that he will SEVERELY underperform this season. Hopefully all of you fantasy football dorks were paying attention when we warned you about Charles and didn't go and draft him in the first round!

We were really pulling for Tyler Palko, but he was given ample time to prove his mediocrity on Thursday. This is just not the guy we want leading the team. Anytime he did make a throw that was caught, the receiver had to make some kind of super human effort to barely catch the poorly thrown balls. Rumor has it that the Chiefs will be looking for a veteran QB to sign as the back up for the league's highest paid back up QB Matt Cassell.

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