Monday, September 26, 2011

Tony DiPardo's Daughter Patti Keeps the Music Going at Arrowhead

Over the years the entertainment has changed several times at Arrowhead Stadium. In the very early days when the Kansas City Chiefs first arrived here from Dallas (where they were known as the Dallas Texans) they had a small marching band who actually sat in the stands and performed the type of music that you might hear at a college game today. This band had many incarnations and was founded and led by trumpet player extraordinaire Tony DiPardo. DiPardo led The TD Pack Band, then the Zing Band and finally back to the TD Pack Band until his death on January 27th, 2011.

Since Tony DiPardo's death, his daughter Patti has continued to preserve the spirit of her father and the music entertainment at Arrowhead Stadium to this day. Patti took over as the band leader for her father in 1989, and when the owners retired the on-field stadium band to make room for more seats Patti continued to direct the music in what is called the Founder's Club at Arrowhead Stadium during home games. The Founder's Club features Kansas City dueling piano favorite Spike Blake and continues to energize the stadium with great music.

The spirit of Tony DiPardo lives on through his daughter Patti, who has dedicated over 3 decades of her life to providing quality entertainment during Chiefs games at Arrowhead Stadium.

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