Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jardine's Jazz Club in Kansas City Bad Checks

As many of you know by now, Jardine's jazz nightclub on the Plaza in Kansas City abruptly closed their doors last weekend and pulled the rug out from under 15 employees and at least two musical acts that were scheduled to perform that weekend. One of the bands, The Dave Stephens Swing Orchestra was scheduled to perform 2 shows on Saturday, and were called at the last minute with a message that the entire staff at Jardine's had been fired and there would be no one available to work the shows. Jardine's proceeded to close the establishment entirely, putting a note on the door that they were "closed for repairs". The note later changed to say that Jardine's would be reopening on December 14th, and that the Kansas City bands booked to perform would go on as scheduled.

Since this happened, several former Jardine's employees are coming forward with their versions of the story, most of them claiming that the owner of Jardine's, Beena Johnson is an alcoholic and a cocaine abuser and has been screwing employees out of their pay for years as well as using mental and physical abuse on them. Former Jardine's employee "Stevie" and another employee who came forward today "Laura" says that Beena physically abused them and held back their pay for weeks at a time.

The latest breaking news from our sources at Kansas City News is from band leader Dave Stephens, who's show was cancelled suddenly last Friday night at Jardine's. Dave has come forward and told us that a check that was written to pay him for his band's performance during Thanksgiving week was bad and that Jardine's had put a stop payment on the check. Dave claims that he is out $3000.00 and that he had already paid all of his band members for the show, leaving him holding the bad check. This should be a stern warning to all Kansas City bands who are thinking of performing at the new Jardine's if it reopens with it's former management, even if you get a check from them, it doesn't mean that it's any good! If you are going to perform at Jardine's, you need to get your fee in CASH, up front, before you play a single note.

I can imagine that the media will be swarming Jardine's on December 14th if they decide to open their doors to the public, as the management has yet to return any phone calls to any of us.

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