Tuesday, December 27, 2011

MU Tigers Win Independence Bowl 2011 Crush UNC

Our MU Tigers continue to crush opponents who stand in their way. KU was crushed by MU effortlessly, ending the Border War series with MU ahead in total wins and will be locked in eternity proving that MU is the better team over 100 years of games vs the pathetic and weak KU Jayhawks. This weekend was the Independence Bowl featuring the star MU Tigers vs the lowly University of North Carolina. The Mizzou Tigers crushed North Carolina by a score of 41 - 24.

This game was over by halftime as UNC had no chance from the start. The Tigers took a huge lead in the game and continued to run effortlessly over UNC for the remainder of the Independence Bowl live on national TV for the whole country to see. It is clear that MU is going to be a dominating factor in the SEC after becoming bored with dominating KU and the other teams in the big 12 for so many years.

It was considered by most NCAA experts that MU got a shitty deal when it came to handing out the bowl games in 2011, but they did not complain, held their heads up high and went to the Independence Bowl and kicked some butt. Look for big things for the MU athletic department in the future, they are definitely the team to watch!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it was very satisfying watching Mizzou beat KU almost every year and ending the rivalry with the winning record. Go MU!

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