Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Troops Welcomed Home to Kansas City

As thousands of troops are arriving home to Kansas City, their families are gathering to greet them and looking forward to celebrating the holidays together as a family. Some soldiers have been in Iraq for over 3 years, others have been serving on and off for the last 9 years doing tours of 1-3 years at a time. Upon running for office, Obama promised to bring American troops home by December 31st, 2011. At this time 17,000 American troops are scheduled to stay in Iraq to man 7 US bases and assist in the departure of the remaining troops returning home during the next month.

In addition to the troops that will remain in Iraq to man the US bases, 740 "trainers" will also remain to assist in training Iraqi civilians in weapons technology and other military tactics. Officials in Iraq told reporters that most of the "trainers" that remain in Iraq are actually weapons dealers and not military at all.

The local news will be televising several heart felt moments as troops return home to Kansas City and their families over the next few weeks. It will be great to have our troops home in time for the holidays and we are very grateful for their services in Iraq. The return of the troops signifies the end of the "war" or whatever you want to call it in Iraq and Iran, and what we accomplished was at the very least sending a message that the USA is not to be harassed and we, here at Kansas City News, stand by what George Bush started after 9/11, sending the entire world a message that the USA will not just stand around with their hands in their pockets after we are attacked. We will COME AND GET YOU. Be assured of that. Other countries prefer more liberal views and stand around doing nothing while other countries take land from them, and take over their governments, but not the USA - we stand up for our country and we are proud of our military who will strike down upon any enemy that poses a threat to the United States.

Troops will be returning from Iraq to Kansas City by the hundred for the next few weeks as we get ready to celebrate the holiday season.

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