Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pro Bowl 2012 Roster Depth Chart Starters

Well, if you're here in Kansas City, the idea of being in Honolulu, Hawaii sounds pretty damn good right now. Having been to Honolulu and staying in the same resort that the NFL Pro Bowl players are staying in, believe me, it is awesome. The 2012 Pro Bowl Game is pretty much just a nice vacation for the NFL players who were honored to be selected to go and represent their teams. Obviously many of the key players who were voted to the game will not be attending as players for the Super Bowl matchup New York Giants and New England Patriots will be reporting to Indianapolis for practice later in the week and will not participate in the 2012 Pro Bowl. The rosters, depth charts and starters are as follows:

2012 Pro Bowl Starters - Offense

Quarterback - Ben Rothlesburger, Steelers
Running Back - Maurice Jones-Drew, Jaguars
Fullback - Vonta Leach, Ravens
Wide Receiver - Mike Wallace, Steelers, A.J. Greene, Bengals
Tight End - Antonio Gates, Chargers
Offensive Line - Nick Mangold, Jets, Joe Thomas, Browns, D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Jets, Ben Grubbs, Ravens, Marshal Yanda, Ravens
Kicker - Sabastian Janikowski, Raiders
Punter - Shane Legler, Raiders - how the hell did Dustin Colquitt, Chiefs miss this team?
Kick Return - Antonio Brown, Steelers

Quarterback - Aaron Rodgers, Packers
Running Back - LeSean McCoy, Eagles, Frank Gore, 49ers (declined to participate)
Wide Receiver - Larry Fitzgerald
Tight End - Tony Gonzalez, Falcons, Jimmy Graham, Saints
Kicker - David Akers

2012 Pro Bowl Starters - Defense

Defensive Line - Elvis Dumervil, Broncos, Dwight Freeney, Colts, Richard Seymour, Raiders
Linebackers - Tamba Hali, Chiefs, Von Miller, Broncos, Ray Lewis, Nursing Home - oops I mean the Ravens
Cornerbacks - Champ Bailey, Broncos, Derrell Reevis, Jets
Safety - Eric Weddle, Chargers, Brian Dawkins, Broncos

Defensive Line - Justin Smith, 49ers
Linebackers - Clay Matthews, Packers, Patrick Willis, 49ers
Cornerbacks - Charles Woodson, Packers, Carlos Rogers, 49ers (declined to participate)
Safety - Charles Woodson, Packers

Ironically, Guard Brian Waters (who we traded to the Patriots) was voted to the Pro Bowl
Other than that, the Chiefs were completely eliminated from the offense COMPLETELY.
The only Chief players that made the 2012 Pro Bowl were defensive players Tamba Hali and Derrick Johnson (not a starter).

The 2012 Pro Bowl starting lineup and depth chart is brought to you by Kansas City News.

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Anonymous said...

Kansas City Chiefs players voted to the Pro Bowl

Well deserved on Derrick Johnson's nomination to the 2012 Pro Bowl as a Chief, Tamba Hali was an OK decision. The real surprise was how Dustin Colquitt didn't make the cut.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad that we lost Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry or they would have made the Pro Bowl 2012 for sure. Can't wait to see the Chiefs next year when everyone is back and healthy!

Liverpool Band Kansas City said...

yes, this was probably one of the worst years in Chiefs history for players in the pro bowl, I think last year we had like 7 or something.

Chiefs 2012 said...

The Chiefs will be fine next year. Maybe win 9 or 10 games even. Their schedule will be easier and they will have their pro bowl players healthy again.

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