Monday, March 19, 2012

Brandon Carr Contract with Dallas Cowboys not That Big of a Deal

Cowboy's fans, two words: calm down. The recent signing of Brandon Carr to the Dallas Cowboys is not that big of a deal. Carr was / still is an AVERAGE player at BEST. His rating in the free agency market was WAY overstated, and he is just not that great of a player. The fact that the Cowboys actually paid 50.1 million dollars for this average guy player is laughable! Brandon Carr has only had 8 interceptions in his ENTIRE CAREER with The Kansas City Chiefs, people. This is the most ridiculous NFL free agency deal since the Chiefs signed lackluster quarterback Matt Cassel for 48 million just because he had ONE good season with a Super Bowl bound New England Patriots that my grandma could have thrown successfully behind, and the fact that the Denver Broncos showed an interest in him.

The Dallas Cowboys signing Brandon Carr will prove to be a complete bust in the coming years, trust us, we here in Kansas City have been watching him play for years and have seen NOTHING that would show him to be a superstar talent in any way shape or form. 8 interceptions in his ENTIRE career? Yeah, that's worth 50 million dollars, any day. After the smoke clears from this ridiculous contract signing, you will not be hearing much from Brandon Carr. Dallas is a team that is notorious for having players with "great potential" that just never seem to get the job done, and the signing of Brandon Carr fits perfectly with that game plan.

We certainly will not miss Brandon Carr here in Kansas City, and Dallas has to be having some serious buyer's remorse right about now. Just because Carr was the only defensive back in free agency that had ever played the game of football doesn't mean that you have to throw 50 million dollars at him. But, on the other hand, congratulations to his agent, who got an incredible amount of money for one of the most average players in the league. In other news, Kyle Orton signs with the Dallas Cowboys as well. Who cares.

Kansas City News Factoid: Did you know that The Kansas City Chiefs used to be the Dallas Texans?

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Hard Core Chiefs Fan said...

Yeah, what a joke. Brandon Carr was a complete nobody on the Chiefs. He amassed an incredible 8 interceptions in his entire career, that is just not worth 50 million dollars. But hey, no one said that Texas was known for brains. You would think that a state like that who is as dedicated to the game of football as they are would have better judgement, but hey, if they want to throw 60-70 million out the window on average joe players like Brandon Carr and Kyle Orton, by all means let them!

Anonymous said...

Here here! Brandon Carr was a starter, and that is about it. Kyle Orton well, he was better than Matt Cassel but he was no superstar either. The fact that the cowboys wasted 50 million on Carr will just be another feather in their no-playoff-winning cap.

Anonymous said...

I agree with both of you! It would have been nice to have the depth at his position but we can pay someone a lot less to create competition. See ya later carr

KansasCityNews said...

Yeah, losing Brandon Carr isn't going to affect the team very much. We pretty much got another player who will perform about the same. Have fun in Dallas, the team that everyone thinks is supposed to win but never does!

Anonymous said...

yea you might be right but who ever talks about the kansas city chiefs its pretty sad that the cowboys get talked about more after signing a average player than the chiefs do through out the whole season hahaha make the playoffs first losers!!!!!

Dallas Cowboys said...

The fact that the cowboys wasted 50 million on Carr will just be another feather in their no-playoff-winning cap.

reese said...

You guys are jackasses..... He is one of the most underated corners in the league.....he has improved every year since he was drafted and sure he didn't have a lot of interceptions with the chiefs but 4 of them came in his last season showing development.....he's a top 10 corner In the league if you don't think soo watch his technique. Ohh and after you watched there season opener and saw him and morris claiborne put the clamps on those recievers yall are all eating these words.....I'm insulted yall could be soo ignorant

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