Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fuzzy's Taco Shop 103rd and Wornall New Kansas City Restaurant - Kansas City News

There's a new Kansas City Restaurant in town!  Fuzzy's Taco Shop just opened at 103rd and Wornall across from the busiest Quik Trip in the Universe.  No affiliation to the Fuzzy's Bar that is now Ugly Joe's, Fuzzy's Taco Shop is a nice little spot where you can enjoy some creative mexican food and while you're at it have a cold beer.  The new restaurant features large TVs broadcasting sports events, etc. and it has a certain sports bar feel to it.  Just in time for the 2012 MLB All Star Game that will hit Kansas City this year!

Fuzzy's Taco Shop Menu
Once you get the hang of it, the menu at Fuzzy's Taco Shop is fairly easy to grasp.

You can order your tacos in three different ways; crispy, regular, or Habanero soft.  You then choose from fish, shrimp, shredded beef, special ground beef, chicken, shredded pork, grilled veggie, and amazingly enough, crawfish tacos!  We didn't have the courage to try the crawfish tacos, but we did enjoy the special ground beef tacos, the shredded pork tacos and the grilled fish tacos, all which were excellent.

Grilled Sandwiches
Something you won't find at most taco stand restaurants, grilled sandwiches.  You can choose from grilled veggie, shredded pork, fish, shredded beef or chicken.  Grilled sandwiches from Fuzzy's Taco Shop are prepared on Telera bread, which is a bread created in the Dominican Republic.  We did not try the sandwiches, but they sounded delicious.

The rest of the menu is fairly straightforward, chips and salsa, fried rice, refried beans, black beans, Borracho beans, and a curious Latin fried potatoes.  Fuzzy's also has a few different kinds of taco salads.  We did not know what to expect from the looks of the place from the outside, the window is just kind of "painted on" with random pictures of little blue fish saying "eat me", and of course that little strip mall on 103rd and Wornall has not had much success as a whole, even with the incredible amount of passing traffic it gets from the Quik Trip across the street.   We wish Fuzzy's Taco Shop much success as the food is a much better alternative to the nasty fast food places that are everywhere!  Combined with the addition of the Italian Mamma Leone's Pizza in Red Bridge, Fuzzy's Taco Shop is yet another option for fast food rather than having to crawl to the grease factories like McD's and Sonic.  On another note, it appears that Burger King on Red Bridge and Holmes has closed.  No big loss there.  With the 2012 MLB All Star Game coming to Kansas City this year, there will be an additional $50 million dollars in revenue coming to local Kansas City businesses, so hopefully Fuzzy's Taco Shop will be one of them.

Welcome, Fuzzy's Taco Shop to Kansas City and our neighborhood!

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