Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bob Fescoe's Rant On Chiefs Lame, Not Funny

Bob "The Bulldog" Fescoe
Bob Fescoe, radio personality and host of Fescoe in the Morning is making headlines today after throwing a fit on-air regarding the Kansas City Chiefs. Fescoe’s frustrations have seemingly hit a high point after Kansas City got off to an 0-2 start this season while being outscored 75-41.

Fescoe’s frustrations are understandable, as the Chiefs have jumped out to an 0-2 start once again and haven’t even been competitive so far this season. However, the radio personality borders on ridiculous in his rant. Fescoe claims that Chiefs fans are embarrassing their mother, their father, the city, their wives and their children. What?

I’m all for sports rants, as they have given us some of the funniest sound clips you will find and provide YouTube gold. But Fescoe’s rant isn’t funny, and he just seems like a bitter fan. He claims people are tired of spending money on tickets, parking, and refreshments at the stadium. Well Bob, if you are sick of it, stop going. Chiefs fans pride themselves on being one of the “best” groups in the country and making Arrowhead stadium an intimidating place to play. If you want to carry that label, you can’t simply abandon your team when they play poorly after two games.

Fescoe also claims that the Chiefs give people nothing to live for. Really? I mean, seriously?

Maybe there is a much more reasonable argument to be made – Kansas City isn’t that good of a football team, and they have played one of the best teams in the league followed by a borderline playoff team on the road. Throw in that they were missing three key defenders in week one and play one of the toughest schedules in the NFL and an 0-2 start doesn’t seem that far-fetched.

Fescoe tries very hard to make his rant humorous. He claims he could have gone pumpkin shopping or drank cider in Louisburg rather than watch the Chiefs play – which again, isn’t funny. None of this is. This guy hosts a radio show?

It is quite clear what all of this is: an attempt to grab headlines and coverage. Fescoe is simply trying to get attention because the media will always eat up a juicy sports rant. Naturally, there are several articles in newspapers and online this morning about the rant with sound clips. Congrats Bob, you did it!

There is a reason I stopped listening to Kansas City sports radio years ago: it isn’t good. What initially put me off is that the hosts covering college sports all have clear agendas for their local team of choice. Jack Harry, of all people, gets to host a radio and television show – the same Jack Harry who picked the national runner-up and Big 12 champion Kansas Jayhawks to finish sixth in the league in basketball simply because he is a die-hard Mizzou fan. The same Jayhawks that have won the league eight years in a row. This guy has no clue what he is talking about 90% of the time and is a complete homer for one team, yet he is all over the airways. I’d rather watch paint dry than listen to this guy screaming on the air about nonsense.

People like Harry would rather stir the pot than actually analyze and objectively look at teams and matchups. It gets people talking and boosts ratings - but it isn't good radio. Not to me, at least.

Since I no longer listen to the local coverage, I had never heard of Bob Fescoe or his show. Judging by this rant, it looks like I’m not missing anything. Kansas City deserves better sports radio than this.

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Anonymous said...

Fescoe hit the nail on the head. Chiefs players are trash right now and they will be until they decide they actually want to go out and win football games. As far as not wanting to go to games, I think that he is simply stating a reality. If Chiefs games keep looking like this, it wont take long before people stop spending the time and money to go. I also do not mind him calling out the organization as a whole because I am in my mid twenties and what have either sports team accomplished in my life time. When you can answer me that then I will start debating rants such as Fescoes but until then im glad we have someone who tells it like it is for once instead of trying to sugarcoat the fans.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is obvious that you are in your mid twenties and therefore you should not speak. Please go directly to your old high school or college. Find your English teacher and smack them directly in the face for failing to teach you how to form a coherent, or grammatically correct sentence.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I did not realize this was English class. I did not see anything wrong with my comment but even if there is I am pretty sure everyone who reads this can get my point. I also dont know what you mean when you say I should not speak because I am in my mid twenties. Apparently anyone in this town younger than thirty should not have an opinion. This town is just lucky it still has young fans because our sports teams have not won anything worth noting in a long time. In the end though, if this is the only argument you have against my comment then I guess that means you could not find anything else wrong. Thank you for agreeing with me on my actual argument.

Anonymous said...

Borderline playoff team? The bills suck..meaning the Chiefs are worse. Are you people out of your mind? It's about time somebody said what all Chiefs fans are thinking. Good job Fescoe. I'm sorry you didn't like his rant but the rest of the free world thought it was funny because it's true. It's kind of hard to watch a big pile of crap play every Sunday week after week, year after year. Maybe you should pull your head out and realize what's going on in this City.

Anonymous said...


Tired Chiefs Fan said...

This was a refreshing rant if anything. It's about time someone went completely off on the Chiefs pathetic attempt at a team. Jack Harry can't do it all by himself, he is the only one who actually speaks the truth anymore. At least Jack and Fescoe aren't afraid to really hit the nerve center of our pathetic sports teams. Who cares about soccer, soccer is the most boring sport in the Universe, I don't care if we take 1st in the World every single season in soccer. We need the real sports in this city to step up, and that's football and baseball, and we stink at both. The Chiefs are actually going beyond stink and becoming downright embarrassing.

Andrew Clark said...

Most pundits predicted the Bills to make the playoffs or contend this year.

No one is saying the Chiefs are a good team. They've been terrible this year. Fescoe's rant, in my opinion, was just forced. He wants to be a sound bite, he wants people quoting and replaying his rant. He is trying to get ratings and make more of a name for himself. It is no different than when baseball managers throw ridiculous tirades.


Even if Fescoe is trying to boost his ratings he is doing it while bringing up a very real issue. The fact is that the Chiefs have not even come close to meeting the expectations for them this year. Part of that was on us because I think many of us expected too much out of them but you cannot deny that the chiefs players and coaches have simply not shown up to play. I have no problem with his rant because of this and I hope that this might light a fire under the chiefs and get them to at least perform and put in the effort that this city deserves of them. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion though. This just happens to be mine.


Well said. Although I am not a fan of soccer either, im not going to rag on them because they are all we have right now. Both the Chiefs and the Royals need to figure out a way to get it done on the field though.

Andrew Clark said...

Don't get me wrong, I have NO problem with someone ranting about how poorly the Chiefs have done this year. Fescoe doesn't give any actual analysis. If he had gone on the air and said "look, Matt Cassel will never lead this team deep in the postseason, we have no depth due to poor drafting and thus can't fill in to replace key players, we aren't executing, the coaches don't have the team prepared, etc" then fine by me. Talk about what the PROBLEM is.

Instead we got "people don't want to live because of how you play" which is just stupid and over the top.

As for the expectations you mention... not sure what KC fans are expecting. Atlanta is very good, better than last year when they were a playoff team and is two years removed from a 14-2 season. The Chiefs were missing a lot of key players for that one. Buffalo is a lot better this year and KC played poorly on the road. That happens. Hell, look at the Chiefs beating the Packers last year... thats just life on the road in the NFL.

I'm not surprised the team is 0-2 with all the factors I just listed. I think a rant like Fescoe's might be more appropriate after a few more games. Hell, KC lost its first three games last year by blowouts, then won four straight and had a chance to sneak into the playoffs late last year. You never know.

SB Nation said...

It seems to me like both of these arguments are legit. The Chiefs have been disappointing fans for years. The author is correct in stating that the Chiefs could still come back and win some games. The one thing that hasn't been mentioned by many sports "authorities" is that the Chiefs seem to be missing one key element:


What has happened to the Chiefs aggressive attitude that was so effective during the Vermeil era, I mean, we weren't winning playoff games but we were killing during the regular season. Even last year, our defense had a serious attitude, remember the photo shoot of the defense? All I'm asking is, where did the Chiefs heart go? It's like married sex out there.

Anonymous said...

I agree with SB on this one, I think that both Fescoe and this article make valid points. Chiefs fans are getting tired of watching the team struggle, and Fescoe simply voiced those opinions in the rawest way possible on the air. On the other hand there is definitely job security in "shock jock" type radio, it doesn't matter what they're saying about you, as long as they're talking about you. And in support of this article, the Chiefs are looking fairly good today. Poor Cassel though, he is just never going to be the guy, we need to go ahead and try something else there. The guy makes terrible throws every week.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well, it looks like the author of this article was spot on. Might want to take him to Vegas next time you go.

Anonymous said...

That win today means the world to the Chiefs and their fans. This just goes to show that the fans in Kansas City have to maintain a positive attitude about their team. Going into the Superdome and coming out with an overtime victory like that was nothing short of incredible. Jamaal Charles has hit his stride and he is going to change the way defenses prepare for the Chiefs now, and that will also take pressure off of Cassel. Congratulations Kansas City on a great win today. Enjoy!

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