Friday, September 28, 2012

Concerts - KC All Stars @ Crossroads Kansas City

Concerts - The KC All Stars @ the Crossroads
We've seen some great concerts this year, but The KC All Stars at The Crossroads Thursday night was one of the best by far. Local Kansas City dance band "The KC All Stars", winners of KMBC-TV's "Best Band in Kansas City" showed exactly why they deserved that title. One of the final huge outdoor concerts of the season, this one delivered big time. In an incredibly upbeat and energetic split set format, which is a KC All Stars staple, the band brought the audience to their feet and they stayed up and dancing for the entire show. When the concert started and the band hit the stage, the horns set the tone by blasting out the Stevie Wonder classic "Sir Duke (You Can Feel It All Over)" complete with dance steps and a blistering guitar solo by Kansas City's funkiest guitarist John Bridgewater, who teased the gawking crowd by playing the final scales behind his back - another KC All Stars staple.

Then out came their incredible female vocalist, who won the National competition "Harrah's Lucky Break", going all the way to Los Angeles and taking home the trophy, returned to Kansas City to join the hottest band on the scene and perform stellar Kansas City concerts. This girl ripped out "Rude Boy" by Rihanna like she wrote the song herself and turned the concert on it's ear (no pun intended). The horns jumped off the stage and came out into the audience, playing in step (both are KU Marching Band Alumni) and circling the crowd all the way around the amphitheater before returning to the stage to kick off "Dynamite" by Tiao Cruz and then a modernized medley of Michael Jackson hits.

Rocking the crowd to the point of exhaustion, the band certainly made everyone in attendance lose at least 5 pounds. As in most of their Kansas City concerts, for the grand finale they grabbed a stage full of people out of the audience and brought them up to join in the fun. Under clear and perfect skies, the weather cooperated and it was a wonderful "farewell" to the summer, and a perfect start to the fall. We're pretty sure that most everyone who attended is still recuperating today, but it's back to work for The KC All Stars who will start the machine up again tomorrow night on the ROOF of the downtown Kansas City Library (private event).

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Anonymous said...

What a night! We hadn't seen this band before and we were knocked out.

Anonymous said...

Incredible show at the Crossroads last night guys. You have really raised the bar for the other bands in Kansas City!

Anonymous said...

KC All Stars ROCK! Great show, love you guys.

Courtney and Rob

Anonymous said...

Way to rock the stage the other night guys, our new favorite band for sure.

Anonymous said...

That's who that was, my friend kept saying that they were from St. Louis and I was like with the name "KC All Stars"? I knew they were from Kansas City. Either way that band is good.

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