Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winter Storm Approaching Kansas City

Kansas City residents have had the luxury of enjoying a mild winter so far, but that appears to be changing tonight. A winter storm is heading towards KC and is expected to bring snow and blizzard conditions to many areas in the greater metro.

It appears that the worst part of the storm will actually pass north of the city and mostly hit Iowa, which is some good news. Iowa is expected to receive six to 10 inches of snow, while Kansas City will likely only receive a couple inches of snow. As much as seven inches of snow is expected in areas such as St. Joseph and Kirksville. Rain is expected to begin to fall around Kansas City this afternoon, which will turn into snow later this evening.

There is also a high chance of thunderstorms with severe winds hitting the region. With expected winds of 25 to 35 mph and gusts of 45 to 50 mph, many areas around Kansas City could experience blizzard conditions.

The Kansas Highway Patrol has issued several trips to drivers that will be battling these conditions. The Patrol suggests slowing down, avoiding cruise control, using headlights, as well as replacing wiper blades and checking tire pressure and tread. It is also important to check that your vehicle’s fluids are all full. Pickup truck drivers need to add sand bags to their beds to help with traction control, and all vehicles should have a shovel in the trunk.

All Kansas City residents need to take extreme caution, even in areas where there is not an abundance of snow. Last year, 55 crashes occurred in Overland Park during the first five hours of a snow storm, despite a light amount of snowfall.

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