Saturday, August 31, 2013

Franchise Mode Madden 25 for Loners Once Again in 2013 - Kansas City News

That's right kids, once again the folks at EA Sports have let us down. The Franchise Mode in Madden that we all loved so much until they took it away in Madden 13 is still not complete in the new release of Madden 25 in 2013. Once again, they have built the game for LONER geeks who play by themselves with the little headsets on online. Here at KCMB News in Kansas City we will break it down for you.

There is a franchise mode in Madden 25 as many will argue, but it's FOR LONERS only. You can only play by yourself! That's fine for the little 13 year olds sitting in their mother's basement, ok, and also the 27 year old loser geeks that are also sitting in their mother's basement, but not for those of us who like go grab some beer and a few friends and play a franchise mode season to it's finish.

This should not be such a major request from EA Sports to put the franchise mode in Madden 25 just the way it was for the last 15+ years. Why they would make this a LONER'S game we have no idea. Metacritic has Madden 25 at an 81 approval rating among players. That's pretty mediocre for one of the hottest video game franchises in history.

Without question, some dork got his foot in the door and is now at the controls in the design room for the Madden franchise. He is no doubt a loner dork, who plays online by himself with the little headset on. Well, congratulations dumb ass, your nerdy manipulation of the game has once again ruined it by taking away the franchise mode in Madden 25. We will continue to play our Madden 12 game until they fix this problem. We like to take over The Kansas City Chiefs, put ourselves in the game as players and rock out vs the computer. Then we save our progress and come back another night to continue the season. We don't anticipate this problem being fixed with the release of PS4 either, as the same dork designer will have his hands on it. We will check back with you guys in 2014! LOSERS.

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