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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Von Miller 2nd Pick of 2011 Draft by Denver Broncos

With the 2nd pick of the 2011 draft, The Denver Broncos select Von Miller - the powerful and explosive OLB from Texas A&M.  Von Miller is known for being able to perform in any defensive front, has active hands and can use them at full speed.  The only concern for the Denver Broncos is whether or not he can perform in the 4-3 defense.  At 6'3, 246lbs, Miller is already being compared to Derrick Thomas of the Kansas City Chiefs due to the impact that he made while at Texas A&M.  I don't know about that, but it does not make the Chiefs fans very comfortable knowing that this beast will be squaring off against us next season.

In March 2011, Miller was selected to represent top flight rookies in the NFL Labor Union talks.  He was persuaded by LaDainian Tomlinson to join the lawsuit.  Von sported goofy looking "Spike Lee" glasses at the draft ceremony and spoke of being a team player first and foremost.


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