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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How Does Ryan Tannehill Affect The Chiefs Draft Strategy - Kansas City News

Chiefs GM Scott Pioli has made several headlines recently with his comments on Kansas City’s draft strategy. First, Pioli made it known to the press that the Chiefs were strongly considering taking Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill, then Pioli followed those comments up by mentioning that he would like to draft a quarterback ever year. If Tannehill does fall to the Chiefs, they will have several options.

Quarterbacks have fallen in drafts before, and Tannehill could certainly be available when the Chiefs are on the clock with the 12th selection in the first round. In 2005, Aaron Rodgers fell all the way to 24 in the 2005 NFL draft before the Packers took a chance on him, and obviously that worked out well for Green Bay. You need a championship-caliber quarterback to win titles, and Matt Cassel hasn’t inspired a lot of confidence. While the Chiefs have other needs, Tannehill may be too good for Pioli to pass up.

The Chiefs may also trade up to ensure they get Tannehill. While this seems unlikely, Pioli may get an opportunity to trade picks to move up and get his quarterback of the future. While the Chiefs have a few holes, they could address them later in the draft or via free agency.

If Tannehill is available when the Chiefs select, Kansas City may also opt to trade down to get additional picks later in the draft. Pioli may decide to stick with Cassel now and find a quarterback of the future next year or in the later rounds of the draft. Teams will be interested in Tannehill, and the Chiefs could use that to their advantage. Several players that Kansas City could use at NT, LB or OL may still be available later in the first round, and trading down will give the Chiefs an opportunity to build more depth.
Tannehill may likely be gone by the time Kansas City makes its first round selection, but it appears that he could be a significant factor in Pioli’s draft strategy. Will Kansas City find its QB of the future, or move up or down the board? We will know Thursday evening.

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