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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shawnee Mission Fifth Grader Suspended for Toy Gun

Alyssa Cornish, a Shawnee Mission School District Fifth-Grader has been suspended until January. She will have to spend the next two months at home because she admitted to playing with a toy gun that shoots PLASTIC BBs - spring loaded - on a Sunday - on a School Playground - with other kids - it wasn't even her gun - she was the only one to tell the truth about what happened. Her initial suspension was on three days until she wrote a detailed explanation of what happened at the request of the School. Once they had it in writing, they increased the suspension to the rest of the semester (These are the facts as told by the Mother). But what is known, is that the straight A student is suspended until January. The young student will miss her Halloween party, will not have a picture in the yearbook, and cannot even attend Girl Scout meetings because they take place on school grounds. Zero Tolerance - Zero Intelligence.

School Administrators like "Zero Tolerance" policies because no one has to think. God forbid we use judgement, taking each situation or child on a case by case basis. The School District has responded to criticism by pointing out that the rules against weapons on school grounds are "ironclad" and parents and students are reminded of them at the beginning of every school year. I would respond to that by saying that it is unreasonable for a kid playing with other kids on a Sunday to stop and think "Hey, I need to go home now and not play because someone brought a toy gun that shots plastic BBs." They probably didn't think anything of it until some wimpy little boy came home and told his mommy that someone shot him with it. Maybe, just maybe, not everyone sees a toy gun and launches into a paralyzing attack of fear like so many pantywaists running our schools.



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